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Feb 15

Written by: SuperUser Account
2/15/2011 8:37 AM  RssIcon

iPhone source code is, in itself, not worth a whole lot until you've created value from it. Value can be defined different ways, but in order for your app to really take off in the App Store first off -- it's gotta deliver. It can deliver entertainment, image manipulation, or any other number of items these devices are capable of bringing to the table. Once you've done that, you need to begin the marketing journey to get your app known, reviewed, and ultimately downloaded so you get an unending stream of passive income in your bank account.

One step you can take is to optimize your submission to the App Store to get found by potential buyers. Bryson Meunier wrote an excellent article, found here, about performing search engine optimization (SEO) for the app store.

Here is the breakdown:
  • Make an interesting app (i.e. fill a need, solve a problem, provide value)...duh, right? (It get's better)
  • Keep an eye on the Top 50 Apps to see what's already selling
  • Integrate with Facebook Connect - by making your app social, you're helping your app go viral
  • Use Keywords in the app name - How does a tip calculator show up for the search "fun"
  • Encourage users to write reviews
  • Watch keyword density in the body copy
  • Promote the app on the web
  • Offer a lite version
  • Alert relevant communites - 8 communities are provided at the end of his post
There it is. Small plan...big potential. In order to differentiate in a growing sea of apps, consider App Store SEO as an opportunity to get found and make sales.

How big is the App Store, you ask...Here is the break down (source

If you'd like to know more about marketing your app on the App Store - once you're done with your killer iPhone source code...check out this plan on marketing your app

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